01 UX

User Experience & Service Design

Create delightful experience & workflow through deep learning around users and businesses and providing thought-out solutions

02 Platform & Channel

Mobile, Web, Desktop & More

Deliver multi-channel experience, GUI and Conversational UI through user journey mapping, design standards, and relentless prototyping/testing

03 Leadership

Innovation & Product Leadership

Explore innovative ideas and implement feasible concepts by materializing UX strategy and leading various design frameworks: Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Agile & WAgile, and Lean UX


Fortune 500 Client


Years of Experience


Awards & Certificates


Days of Dedication

Specialties & Expertise

I specialize in complex product and workflow design. My expertise relies on deep learning and analysis around target users, business values, industry trends, and potential technology leverage.
With my bachelor’s & master’s degrees in design and job experiences, not only am I skilled as a designer but also as a product manager and business strategist, I bring the holistic and empathetic view to the table to help product and business thrive with innovative solutions.

Delightful Experience

Craft the experience journey and set the tone of the expected communication by injecting personality and adapting a gamification methodology

Creativity on Demand

Utilize various ideation frameworks and collaboration models to generate ground-breaking concepts

Data Driven Decision

Conduct user research, user test, and post product evaluation in order gather insights for constant quality improvement

Industry Expertise

Embed broad and deep product and industry knowledge to satisfy power users with sophisticated professional needs

Social on-the-go

Ubiquitously inject social aspect to enhance the collaborative workflow

Strategic Delivery

Carefully craft delivery roadmap by evaluating the impact on customer satisfaction: balanced with implementation effort

Strategic Craftsmanship

Emphasis on high-quality delivery: balanced with tactical goals and unique context.

My Blog

Topics covering design trends, innovation, emerging technology, and more.