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Who doesn't want to be a hero? What happens if you are working with a bunch of heroes? Without the intention to promote the upcoming movie, 4 years ago I started to have this idea of working as Justice League to solve UX problem.   Batman I have to start with my favorite character, no offense! Unlike most of the superheroes, Batman is just a man with a very determined mind and super analytical brain, but he can achieve similar level of success; and that fascinates me. Knowing himself is just a regular man without superpower, Batman analyze his opponent, work with his team to develop gadgets and tools so

Many designers asked me about my experience working in Finance, thought it might worth sharing with a broader audience. The Myth When I was working in ad agencies, people warned me about the two behemoth industries to work as a designer: Finance & Pharmaceutical. Yet, I worked on both, and I choose to stay doing UX for Finance for more than 7 years. You might ask, what is Roger thinking? To give a better explanation, it’d probably make sense to first explore why designers dread these two industries. I asked around to see why they dread them so much, and I soon learned why. They seem to think